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*Prices are subject to change. 


Find the perfect cut of chicken for your next recipe or try one of our delicious homemade creations.

Browse our poultry products using the catalogue below.

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Ground Turkey.jpg
Ground Turkey


$7.49lb for 5lb

Made from Turkey thighs

Turkey Burgers

$10.00 for package of 3

$55.00 for 6 packages

Each burger weighs .33lb

No Fillers, No Gluten

Chciken whole.jpg
Whole Chicken


$3.99lb for 2

4lb average

larger available to order

10lb Chicken Breast.jpeg
Chicken Breast


$7.99lb for 5lb

Breast are packaged with two breast in a bag averaging 2-2.5lb in a bags

Chciken Thighs.jpg
Boneless Chicken Thighs


$7.99lb for 5lb

Split Wings


$6.99lb for 5lb

Large and meaty. 6-8 wings makes 1lb

Stuff Chicken.jpg
Stuffed Chicken Breast


$7.99lb for 2

Bread or Pork Stuffing

2-2.5lb average

Cover photo.png
Chicken Carcass

$5.00 Bag

2 carcasses in a bag

Ground Chicken


$7.99lb for 5lb

Made from lean Chicken breast meat

Chciken whole.jpg
Grade A Turkey

Pre-order only

Please call for current pricing

Whole Duck

5lb average

Pre order only. Comes frozen and vac packed

Chicken Legs.jpg
Chicken Legs


Cover photo.png
Bone-in Chicken Thighs

$4.29lb for 5lb

Chicken Schnitzel


$8.99lb for 6 pieces

Plain or Breaded

Stuffed Turkey Roll

Thigh Meat


$8.99lb for stuffed

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