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Cured/Smoked Goods

Cured and smoked meats make the perfect addition to every order. Who doesn't love bacon?

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Sliced Bacon


$7.99lb for 5lb or more

Peameal Bacon


Sliced Ham


Tuscan Turkey


Liverwurst (Fine)

$6 for 1lb package

$10 for 2 packages

Cottage Roll



Half 2-3lb

Whole 4-5lb

Ring Bologna


1lb Packages

Summer Sausage 

$25.00 each

$45.00 for 2

$14.99lb for sliced


$1.50 each

$8 for 6 wieners

Smoked Chops


$6.99lb for 6 or more

Bacon Ends

$2.00 per bag

Back Bacon




Head Cheese


Approximately 1lb pieces

Mini or Large Ham



Mini 2lb

Large 10-12lb

Ham Steak


Pizza Pepperoni

$9.99lb Sliced

$7.99lb Whole


$5.00 per package

Mild, Hot or Honey Garlic

12 pepperettes per pack

Smoked Sausage


$6.49lb for 5lb

$5.99lb for 10lb

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