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Cressman Meat Limited is a family-run business based in New Hamburg, Ontario. We are proud to offer a variety of high-quality, locally-sourced pork, beef, poultry and sausage products. We have been a trusted vendor at the Kitchener Market for over 100 years and our customers come from all over Southwestern Ontario. Our commitment to providing the freshest, best-tasting meat has kept us in business for over a century. Visit us today in-store or at the Kitchener Market to experience the Cressman difference.

Murray and sherry.jpg

Murray and Sherry Cressman at the Kitchener Market - Canada Day 2017


Jesse Cressman at the New Hamburg Store - Father's Day 2022


Find us on the lower level of the Kitchener Market under the big yellow sign!


In 1974 Alice Cressman told the story of the heritage and history that our family shares with the Kitchener Market. From Snyder to Shantz and now Cressman, our family is deeply rooted in Waterloo Region.

 "When I was a little girl, my mother used to tell me how she would go to the Kitchener Market with her Dad, Amos Snyder. When mother was still a teenager her mother died. My mother took over the house duties. There were four younger children, one nine month baby. Those days they went to market with horse and buggy in the summer and with the sleigh in the winter. In the winter she would put hot bricks to the feet to keep warm and lots of blankets. They lived one mile north of Baden. She went to market all her life. When mother married my dad, Joseph Shantz, they continued going to market. During the twenties and thirties times were rough. they made butter, cook cheese, breads, coffee cake, and cottage cheese. They would kill a pig or two and make all the sausage they could sell. They sold the sausage at twenty-five cents a pound. They would take all kinds of fresh garden vegetables in the summer. In spring they would tap trees and make maple syrup. That was lots of fun for me. I didn't have to do the heavy lifting.


The winter time was a bad time to come to the market. Our road was not open for cars in the winter so my dad would take the car to good neighbours who lived on the highway and leave it beside their barn or shed. He would leave it there as long as the road we lived on could not be travelled by car. We would load all our boxes, baskets, dishes with sausage on a sleigh and cover them up with blanket. In real cold weather we would bundle ourselves up, too. Then we would take the bush lane to where the car was, reload all to the car, and then go off to market on the highway to Kitchener. Sometimes the road was very narrow - no wide roads like we have now. After my father died in 1941 my brother Wayne and I took over. We kept up ever since, doing more and more. We have been at it thirty-three years." Alice Cressman "Our Wonderful Kitchener Farmers' Market"

Murray at Waterloo Market.JPG

Murray Cressman - Waterloo Market 2008


Alice Cressman - Kitchener Market 1974


David Cressman - Kitchener Market 1970

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