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Other Goods

We have more than just meat! Find the perfect add on for your order to kick up you meal or grab a tasty treat.

Browse our products using the catalogue below.

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Cinnamon Bun

$4 each

$7 for 2

Made locally in Mannheim by European Pastries.

Nith Valley Apiaries Honey

Summer Blossom

$4.50 for 140g jar

$9 for 500g jar

Cinnamon Cream Honey

$9.50 for 300g jar

Apple Honey BBQ Sauce

$10 - 350ml 

Rootham Gourmet Preserves

Red Pepper Jelly

$9.5 for 270ml

Caramelized Onion Chutney

$9.50 for 250ml

Pesto Garlic Aioli

$9.50 for 250ml

Red Pepper Dipping Sauce

$9.50 for 290ml

Teriyaki Ginger Marinade

$9.50 for 250ml

Large White Eggs


Locally sourced from OK Egg farm in Elmira

2022 Baden Coffee - New.jpg
8oz Baden Coffee


Festival (Dark)

Castle Reserve (Medium)

French Vanilla

Creme Caramel

Spring Maple



Ethiopian (Decaf)

Made Locally in Baden

Apple Butter.jpg
Wellesley Apple Butter

Apple Butter

$5 for 250ml

$8.50 for 500ml

Lancaster Smokehouse

Smokey Sauce

$8 for 290ml

Sweet Sauce

$8 for 290ml

Beef BBQ Rub

$8 for 180g

Pork BBQ Rub

$8 for 210g

Roth's Maple Syrup

Dark or Amber Syrup

$10 for 250ml

$20 for 1ltr

$60 for 4ltr

Maple Butter

$6 for 100ml

$11 for 250ml

Maple Candies

$3 per package

$5 for 2 packages

Made in New Hamburg by Roth's Maple

Saurkraut 5.jpg

$3.00 for 1lb bag

$5.00 for 2lb bag

Made by Gmach Gardens in New Dundee with their own grown cabbage.

Kellsons Mustards

Mapple Mustard

$10 for 270ml

Hot Horseradish

$10 for 270ml

Handcrafted with local ingredients by Kellsons in Elmira.

Baden Coffee

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