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Each bundle is made to help you save and get ready for summer eating and meal planning. Depending on availability, bundles may include frozen products.


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Family Bundle

5lb Ground Beef

5lb Pork Chop

5lb Pork Sausage

4lb Pork Schnitzel

5lb Chicken Breast

3lb Bacon

2lb Wieners

$184 value

Mini BBQ Bundle

5lb Pork Sausage

4x12oz Striploin Steaks

2lb Pork Chop

12 Burgers (Beef or Turkey)

$118 value

Pork Bundle

5lb Pork Sausage

4lb Butt Roast

4lb Country Style Ribs

3lb Pork Chops

3lb Pork Schnitzel

2lb Bacon

$122 value

Breakfast Bundle

2 Dozen Eggs

2lb Bacon

2lb Peameal

2lb Breakfast Sausage

1lb Back Bacon

$59 value

BBQ Bundle

10lb Sausage (assorted)

5lb Sirloin Steak

5lb Pork Chop

5lb Smoked Chop

28 Burgers

(Beef and/or Turkey)

$240 value

Beef Bundle

3lb Chuck Roast

3lb Rump Roast

5lb Ground Beef

5lb Stew Beef

$118 value

Poultry Bundle

5lb Chicken Breast

5lb Turkey Sausage

5lb Ground Turkey

3lb Chicken Schnitzel

$128 value

Mini Breakfast

1 Dozen Eggs

1lb Bacon

1lb Peameal

1lb Breakfast Sausage

$25.50 value

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