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*Prices are subject to change. 



Our pork is locally sourced and we make our own products fresh every week.

Browse our pork products using the catalogue below.

When ready to place an order head over to our Orders Page and fill out the order submission form.

Ground Pork.jpg
Ground Pork


$5.99lb for 5lbs or more

Pork Chops - NEW.jpg
Fresh Pork Chops


$5.99lb for 6 chops

Smoked Chops


$7.49lb for 6 chops

Sirloin Roast.jpg
Pork Loin Roast


$5.99lb for 2 roast

Pork Tenderloin.jpg
Pork Tenderloin


Back Ribs


Cut from the loin

Centre Cut Ribs


$4.99lb for 4 racks

Cut from the belly

Pig Tails


 Side Ribs


Cut from the bellie

Pork Schnitzel


$5.99lb for 6 pieces 

$4.99lb for 12 pieces

Plain or Breaded

Butterfly chops.jpg
Butterfly Chops


$5.99lb for 6 chops

2 Pork Loin.jpg
Pork Sirloin


$5.99lb for 2 or more

Stuffed Loin Roast


$5.99lb for 2 roast

Seasoned Bread Dressing

Butt Roast.jpg
Pork Butt Roast


$5.99lb for 2 roast

cut from the shoulder

Country Style Ribs.jpg
Country Style Ribs


$4.99lb for 2 racks

Cut from the loin

Rolled Ribs.jpg
Stuffed Rolled Rib


$5.99lb for 2 

Cover photo.png
Pig Feet

$4.00 for 4 feet

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