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This Week's Features (September 20th - September 23rd) 

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Stuff Chicken.jpg
Stuffed Chicken Breast

$6.99lb for 2

(Regular $8.49lb)

Our Stuffed Chicken Breast is perfect for an easy meal night! It is oven-ready with a pre-seasoned bread dressing. Serve with your favourite sides and enjoy a delicious dinner.

Family Bundle


($185 value)

4lb Classic Pork Sausage

4lb Ground Beef

4lb Chicken Breast

3lb Fresh Pork Chops

3lb Bacon

12 Large Wieners

8 Beef Burgers

Frozen Special
Back Ribs


While supplies last
(Regular $8.99lb)

Do you love juicy and flavourful pork ribs? Our Back Ribs are the perfect cut for you. Cut from Ontario Pork, these ribs are available now as a frozen special while supplies last. Grab a pack in store and enjoy a delicious meal tonight.

September $50
Butcher Bundle

New Bundle every month

24 Garlic Meatballs

2lb Extra Lean Ground Beef

1 Whole Chicken

1lb Breakfast Sausage 

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