Holiday Favourites

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** Limited availability on Turkey's weight ranges, don't miss out! **

Fresh Turkeys


Grade A Turkeys:

Small 12-15lb

Medium 16-19lb

Large 20lb+

Order soon**

Duck (Frozen)


$5.99lb for 2

7-8lb average

Almost Sold Out

Prime Rib Roast


Bone-in Ham (Skin on)


Approximate Weights

Whole 20lb+

Half 10-12b

Quarter 5-6lb

Stuffed Chicken Breast


$5.99lb for 2

Seasoned bread or pork stuffing

Summer Sausage

$25 Whole Chub

$45 for 2 Chubs

Perfect for Gifts!

Whole Chickens


$3.49lb for 2

3-7lb options

Gift Certificate

Perfect for friends and family. Choose your amount.

$20 minimum

Boneless Beef Roast





Boneless Ham


Approximate Weights

Mini 2lb

Large 10-12lb

Stuffed Pork Loin


Seasoned bread stuffing


$5 package

$20 for 5 packages

Perfect for Gifts!

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